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Creative Arts K–6 CD-ROM

ISBN 9780731349296
Product ID 12656

This CD-ROM contains essential information and support documents for students, teachers and parents for the K6 Creative Arts program, which includes Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance. It is an invaluable source of information for principals, teachers and parents to understand the syllabus outcomes, content and standard-based assessment in the creative arts.

The CD-ROM includes:

  • Creative Arts K–6 Syllabus – The Creative Arts K–6 is one of six key learning area syllabuses for the primary curriculum. This syllabus provides information about teaching and learning in Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance. The syllabus is designed to be used by classroom teachers or teachers specialising in one or more artforms. It caters for the full range of learners and promotes the inclusion of all students.
  • Principal's Package – A summary of key points for school principals about the Creative Arts K–6 Syllabus and the other documents available on this CD-ROM. Includes key questions and answers and helpful fact sheets.
  • School planning – Information for schools about planning how Creative Arts can be managed, taught, and organised in schools. This addresses many of the questions teachers have raised during the development of the syllabus and helps schools consider how they can implement it.
  • Units of Work in each stage – This support document helps teachers to use the Creative Arts K–6 Syllabus. It contains units of work that are organised from Early Stage 1 to Stage 3 in each of the artforms of Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance. Each unit contains a short introduction, advice about the purpose of different activities, teaching notes and a sequence of learning experiences and outcomes. Student work samples based on the units of work are also included. Learning experiences can be adapted to your school and the units of work are not mandatory. Teachers and schools can adapt preferences based on student needs, interests and resources.
  • Student work samples in each subject – A selection of student worksamples is included on this CD-ROM. They are representative of the Staged outcomes for Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance. In Visual Arts, a slide show of artworks in selected units is also included.
  • Information for parents – This flyer provides general information about the syllabus and some suggestions of ways that parents can help develop their child's interests in Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Dance. It also encourages parents in their efforts.
Important points
  • All documents are in a PDF format that allows for cut and pasting.
  • You will need Acrobat Reader to run this CD-ROM. The Acrobat Reader installer is provided on this CD-ROM. If you do not have Acrobat Reader version 4.05 or later installed, you will be asked if you wish to install it before proceeding. If you agree, the Acrobat Reader installer that is provided on this CD–ROM will then run automatically.
  • You will also need QuickTime to run this CD-ROM. A QuickTime installer is provided on this CD-ROM. If you do not have QuickTime version 4.12 or later installed, you will be asked if you wish to install it before proceeding.

  • Years: Kindergarten (Early Stage 1), Years 1 and 2 (Stage 1), Years 3 and 4 (Stage 2), Years 5 and 6 (Stage 3)
  • Format: DVD/CD/USB
  • Weight: 95 grams
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