2022 HSC Modern History Exam Workbook

ISBN: 9781743012420
$45.00 incl GST

This Exam Workbook is a valuable resource for teachers and helps students to prepare for their HSC using real exam material.

Use this Workbook to:

  • Test knowledge with past exam questions
  • Compare answers to real examples from top-scoring students with comments from HSC senior markers
  • Understand HSC marker guidelines for assessing student responses
  • Get tips for deciding which questions to answer, creating a plan and setting timings
  • Get familiar with the layout and style of HSC exams
  • Conduct test-runs of the HSC, and practice writing answers in the set exam time.
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
YearsYears 11 and 12 (Stage 6)
KLAHuman Society and its Environment (HSIE)
Unit of MeasureEach
TypeStudent support document
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