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The print version of the current K-6 Syllabuses identifies the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes that NSW primary school students are expected to develop.
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The syllabuses are designed to provide flexibility for teachers to make decisions about the sequence of learning, the emphasis given to certain content and any adjustments required based on student needs, interests and abilities.

The syllabus documents aim to stimulate students' interest in the following areas:

  • develop their language skills through activities involving speaking and listening, reading and writing, and viewing and representing.
  • develop an understanding of the interactions between people, places, and environments across a range of scales to become informed, responsible and active citizens
  • develop a critical understanding of the past and its impact on the present
  • develop the critical skills of historical inquiry and to enable students to participate as active, informed and responsible citizens.
  • develop understanding and fluency in mathematics through inquiry, exploring and connecting mathematical concepts, choosing and applying problem-solving skills and mathematical techniques, communication and reasoning
  • develop efficient strategies for numerical calculation, recognise patterns, describe relationships and apply algebraic techniques and generalisation
  • identify, visualise and quantify measures and the attributes of shapes and objects, and explore measurement concepts and geometric relationships, applying formulas, strategies and geometric reasoning in the solution of problems
  • collect, represent, analyse, interpret and evaluate data, assign and use probabilities, and make sound judgements.
  • foster students' wonder and expand their natural curiosity about the world around them to develop their understanding of, interest in, and enthusiasm for science and technology
  • develop students' competence and creativity in applying the processes of working¬†scientifically and working Technologically to appreciate and understand the Natural Environment and Made Environment

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